Have a Special Holiday

A Very Special Holiday!

So much for Mayan calenders, and a very merry Life Day to you! Feast your eyes on the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, wrapped as a Christmas gift, especially for you! Chewbacca and Han travel to the planet Kashyyyk to celebrate the Wookiee holiday known as Life Day. Most of your favorite Star Wars characters come together to perform a teeth-grinding performance you can never unsee. It’s no Mayan Apocalypse, but it’s the closest thing to a cosmic implosion of holiday schlock and awe. Enjoy!
by now, you wish you could stop watching, but it’s no use…
it’s stupid, it’s preposterous, it’s not according to scripture, yet you keep watching…
you’ve wasted 30 minutes of your life so far… How ’bout 5 more?

…and one more for all the disbelievers.

I can’t imagine you want more. Well okay, Wookiee cookie recipe and more holiday special crap..

Best wishes and no copyrights.

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