graphic design

Logo’s, visual identities, webdesign, book covers, flyers and other graphic design related work.

Cover PhD dissertation Chip Huisman, The Smoking Chain

Logo for the Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies

Logo and front-end webdesign for Red Arc Trade Partners

Bilingual logo and banner for the Dutch Zenobia Foundation

Cover for PhD dissertation Rick Orij, On the intracellular pH of baker’s yeast.

Take Me Out, local alternative dance parties
Logo’s, flyers, posters, webdesign and live VJ-ing

Logo, pictograms, splash pages and lay-out for Media4 study guide
final year of 4 year media-design course at Mediacollege Amsterdam


Art-direction U-LIT records
without Stone E, ManicM, Jeroen Bakker and Jimmy Mars this would not have been.

promo-photography for Stone E and Maya Link

ManicM feat. Monsieur Plastique, Doing Time
Photography and artwork

Architecture in Egypt. A practical and historical guide
Uitgeverij Bulaaq

Logo for playground OKB

My old portfolio site. An updating nightmare that was painstakingly made with Dreamweaver and HTML kit, over the course of too many years.. Before that, this also happened.

illustration portfolio